James Rowland:
Lead Vocals
Rhythm Guitar

Luke Bartlett:
Lead Guitar

James Taft:

Jon Hunt:
Mail: thelightwings@hotmail.co.uk

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The Lightwings formed in February 2010 under the banner of Britpop revival meets British Invasion, creating a new sound that has been coined as Beatpop. Set apart by their adept lyrics, English harmonies and clever use of melody - The Lightwings are South East London's favourite up & cunning new band. They make music designed to make you sing along and take to the dance floor!

Indie & Britpop from it's hey-day era combined with the British Rock  'n' Roll that took America by storm in the early to mid sixties.

"Cheap Riches" and "Revolutions" (both taken from the debut album) shows the band can be both melodic and also strike 'heavier' notes!

The debut album"Sleeping is Not For Dreamers" is out now on …..

Beatnik Geek Records

‘Cheap Riches’

‘Who Pulled The Trigger’’

Lightwings FALLEN Press Release.pdf